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Guardion Health Sciences is at the forefront of early detection, intervention and monitoring of a range of eye diseases. The company combines targeted ocular nutrition with innovative evidence-based diagnostic technology. Located in San Diego, Guardion boasts one of the most impressive Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards in the world. This combination of expertise and scientific knowledge has catapulted Guardion into a leadership position within the eye care industry. Further, the company is led by seasoned business executives with many years of experience in running and expanding public companies.


“GUARDiON Health Sciences is committed to continuing production and deliveries while taking the necessary health safety precautions. At this time, we remain in full operation and are conducting online and telephone orders as normal. There are currently NO delays for deliveries. Please proceed with continuing to place your online order before 12 PM California time daily.”

Important New Product Update

acuMMUNE: an Immunosupportive/Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Inflammatory Complex Available Soon

acuMMUNE is a unique nutraceutical formulation designed to support effective immune function – including in particular interferon-mediated anti-viral mechanisms – while also helping to quell the excessive lung inflammation that can lead to the harsh symptoms and even death associated with certain respiratory infections. Hence, acuMMUNE provides both immunosupportive and anti-inflammatory benefits.

The proprietary blend of the highly effective antioxidants, N-acetylcysteine, lipoic acid, and selenium, combined with the most powerful antioxidant in nature, astaxanthin, creates a targeted physiological network designed to enhance an effective interferon response to many types of viruses; interferon works through multiple pathways to suppress intracellular viral replication. At the same time, these agents exert anti-inflammatory effects that can help to prevent or control the excessive lung inflammation that can make some infections deadly.

Beta-Glucan, derived from the cell walls of brewer’s yeast, has been clinically proven to help stave off and control infections through enhancing the function of dendritic cells. These cells process antigens from infectious agents, which in turn recruit lymphocytes responsive to these antigens and create protective antibodies to eliminate virus-infected cells.

Zinc supplementation supports efficient multiplication of various immune cells, while also exerting protective anti-inflammatory effects. Several studies demonstrate that zinc supplementation can decrease infection risk in highly susceptible patients, such as young children and the elderly.

Listen to What Patients Say About Our First Medical Food Lumega-Z

Lumega-Z has been used clinically since 2012. Typical symptoms of these patients included poor night vision, higher sensitivity to glare and overall reduction in vision for everyday activities, like driving or playing golf. Patients also experienced medical symptoms, such as appearance of drusen in the retina.

Patient results show that Lumega-Z not only can slow the progression of vision loss associated with a depleted macular pigment and macular degeneration in many patients, in some cases, Lumega-Z has reversed vision loss. These videos are comments from real patients who have been treated with Lumega-Z and whose vision has stabilized or improved.

Guardion Health Sciences, the maker of Lumega-Z, cannot guarantee the same results as these patients for vision improvement or any vision benefit with treatment.

Lumega Z