Transcranial Doppler Solutions

In August 2018, Guardion Health Sciences created a wholly owned subsidiary, Transcranial Doppler Solutions, Inc. (“TDSI”), to further the Company’s position at the forefront of early detection, intervention and monitoring of a range of eye diseases. TDSI is dedicated to the pursuit of early predictors resulting in valuable therapeutic intervention.

Transcranial Doppler Testing

Transcranial Doppler ultrasound (“TCD”) is a safe, non-invasive, and low-cost technique that uses a low-frequency transducer probe to assess intracerebral blood flow, within the brain and to the eyes. Studies have shown the ability of TCD to predict stroke risks as well as other cardiovascular events. TCD also can provide a measure of changes in ophthalmic artery blood flow, which is important to help evaluate the course of common eye disorders. Published medical resources indicate a strong relationship between ocular circulation and visual function in patients with glaucoma, diabetes, and macular disease, which are the three leading causes of acquired irreversible blindness throughout the world.

Ophthalmic and Cerebral Vessels


Advanced TCD Instrument


Highly Repeatable – TCD Used to Monitor Treatment

TCD is also highly repeatable, and its results provide an effective tool for ophthalmologists to treat and track their patients. Through the monitoring of blood flow in the intracranial vessels, including the ophthalmic artery, TCD’s results provide an evidence-based protocol for demonstrating the efficacy of Guardion’s Medical Foods.