Post-Cataract Surgery

Maintaining Outcomes

In the modern era of refractive cataract surgery, patients expect great outcomes from their procedure, and are motivated to maintain that outcome for many years.  Protecting the retina for the long-term after surgery is essential to maintaining the patient’s satisfaction from their procedure.

After cataract surgery, the intraocular lens that is implanted may allow increased levels of high energy light to reach the retina, placing it under increased photo-oxidative stress (see Photo-Oxidation for more on this subject).

Restore & Maintain

Following cataract surgery, the benefits of a healthy macular pigment are numerous.  If the retina has a depleted macular pigment, significant damage may be caused due to the reactive oxygen species and free radicals formed by metabolic and photo-oxidative processes.  Restoring and maintaining the macular pigment provides long-term protection for the neurosensory retina.

Vision Performance

In addition to its powerful antioxidant and high energy visible light filtering properties, the macular pigment has also been shown to have positive effects on vision performance (contrast sensitivity, glare disability and photostress recovery).