Medical Food

A Medical food is not a supplement.  It is not a drug either.  Per Section 5(b) of the Orphan Drug Act, Medical foods are a regulated category of product ”… formulated to be consumed or administered enterally under the supervision of a physician and intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition for which distinctive nutritional requirements, based on recognized scientific principles, are established by medical evaluation.”

Lumega-Z is a medical food formulated to restore and maintain the condition of a depleted macular pigment.  Containing all three macular carotenoids – Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-zeaxanthin – as well as a robust complex of critical micronutrients and Omega 3s, Lumega-Z has a high efficiency of absorption due to its micronized lipid-based liquid formulation, and is proven to restore a depleted macular pigment.

As a medical food, Lumega-Z is guaranteed to have the highest quality ingredients.

Qualifying as a medical food validates the impeccable quality control of micronutrients and ensures the formula is precisely tailored to treat or manage a specific disease or condition. Medical foods must be recommended and administered under the supervision of a physician or professional healthcare provider, once deemed necessary after medical evaluation.


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Medical Food