How to Explain Medical Foods to Your Patients


Lumega-Z is the only vision-specific medical food created to restore and maintain the macular pigment.  It is composed of more than 35 micronutrients with potent antioxidant properties, and the three critical carotenoids (Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-zeaxanthin), which make up the macular pigment.


Liquid Formulation

Lumega-Z is a micronized, lipid-based liquid formulation, which is easily ingested through dilution with a small amount of juice or water.  The liquid delivery method ensures an unmatched efficiency of absorption, and aids compliance by being easy to swallow and ingest.

Three Critical Carotenoids

Lumega-Z is comprised of the three carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin. Humans cannot manufacture these carotenoids, therefore they must be consumed in order to enter the bloodstream and transported to the macula. The average Western diet contains fewer than three mg of lutein and zeaxanthin per day. However, approximately 20 mg of the three critical carotenoids per day (equivalent to a bucket of green leafy vegetables) are needed to effectively restore and replenish the macular protective pigment.


Unlike lutein and zeaxanthin, meso-zeaxanthin is not found in the diet. It is converted from lutein internally in the macula.  Meso-zeaxanthin is concentrated in the foveal epicenter of the macula and is responsible for central and sharp vision, making it an essential nutrient in an effective medical food.  When meso-zeaxanthin is taken in conjunction with lutein and zeaxanthin, it has been proven to replenish and restore the macular protective pigment.  Patients with macular degeneration have been shown to have 30% less meso-zeaxanthin in their macula compared to healthy eyes.

Multivitamins & more

Lumega-Z also provides a full compliment of multivitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  In many cases, Lumega-Z can replace multivitamins currently being taken.

If You Are a Health Care Provider

Lumega-Z is a Medical Food that must be recommended and administered under the supervision of a professional health care provider. Contact us to receive your Doctor Authorization Code (DAC) so that you can prescribe Lumega-Z to your patients. Your patients will use this code when placing an order.