Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare ProfessionalsIf you’re an eye doctor, improving lives is something you do every day. We want to help you take your practice to the next level.

Lumega-Z was created for forward-thinking eye doctors who are passionate about staying on the cutting-edge of eye care for the sake of their patients. As you know, a depleted macular pigment is a modifiable risk factor for AMD and other retinal diseases, and a biomarker for other disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Lumega-Z is medical food that helps the body restore and maintain macular pigment, a revolutionary nutritional innovation that empowers the body to protect from the effects of these problems.

By providing the only reliable, evidence-based approach to measuring and restoring the macular pigment, we work to protect the eyesight of your patients. Our unique ‘measure, restore, maintain’ protocol, including proprietary measuring technology and the only vision specific medical food on the market, provides a truly differentiated offering to serve this growing need. Lumega-Z can only be provided through eye doctors, and we’re committed to providing you with the support you need to enhance your practice.

Cutting Edge Medical Care

Medical care is constantly growing and improving. Don’t fall behind the curve. Stay ahead of it with our effective and unique medical food.

Improving Macular Pigment

Lumega-Z helps the body repair and improve its own macular pigment. Stop settling for damage control and tackle macular degeneration head-on.

Enhance Your Practice

You want the best for your patients. So do we. Turn to Lumega-Z and give your patients and your practice an unbeatable edge in the fight against eye disease.

Evidence-Based Approach

We balance passion with knowledge. Our vigorous developmental process ensures you can recommend our medical food to your patients with complete confidence.

Thank you for your interest in Guardion Health Sciences and Lumega-Z.

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