Macular Pigment

Did you know?  Your body takes certain nutrients from the food you eat, and deposits them exactly where they are needed – at the macula.  These molecules – Lutein (pronounced LOO-teen), Zeaxanthin (ZEE-uh-ZAN-thin) and Mesozeaxanthin (MEE-so-ZEE-uh-ZAN-thin) collect in the retina, and make up the macular pigment.  Your body stores the macular pigment here as protection for your retina.

A low macular pigment level is a high risk factor for certain diseases, including Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).   Clinical studies have shown that increasing the levels of macular pigment in the eye can result in a reduction in the risk of AMD progression.

Because your body cannot make it, the macular pigment needs to come from your diet.  Unfortunately, because of a number of factors including diet, age, health and metabolism, most people do not get enough.  Particularly for sufferers of disease (such as AMD) it is crucial to obtain these ingredients in the right amounts.

Lumega-Z is a Medical Food formulated specifically to restore and maintain your macular pigment.

Macular Pigment Diagram

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