About Guardion Health Sciences

By applying the latest science, technology and research, Guardion Health Sciences (“GHS”) has positioned itself to address the escalating demand for solutions that promise to improve life-diminishing health problems facing the aging Baby Boomer generation.

Guardion Health Sciences is dedicated to applying a scientific discipline and pharmaceutical approach
 to the development of safe, standardized and effective condition specific solutions.

Using the individual and collective knowledge of the members of our Science Advisory Board, we will advise healthcare professionals and the public on the importance of medical foods and nutrition to achieve overall good health.

The company’s first medical food, Lumega-Z, is scientifically formulated to restore and maintain the macular protective pigment. A depleted macular pigment is a known contributor to AMD. Though Lumega-Z was created with the AMD epidemic in mind, its ingredients are also thought to be beneficial for other types of eye disease (i.e., cataract formation and glaucoma). Many experts believe these same ingredients may have a wide range of other positive effects on the body.

AMD is an ocular disease associated with aging that gradually destroys sharp, central vision due to deterioration of the macula. Nearly one in three people over the age of 65 will develop AMD, a disease that can lead to blindness. A government sponsored study; Age Related Eye Disease Study I & II (AREDS), found evidence that certain micronutrients can help slow the progression of this serious and prevalent disease.